Fortress of Spoilitude

It’s here.

We’ve waited for almost ten years for this moment – the second nick Fury stepped out in the first post-credits scene and told Tony Stark about the Avengers Initiative. THEN in 2012 we all sat to the end of Avengers and watched as a big purple meanie turned his head to reveal the evil grin of Thanos. Now we as comic book geeks knew who he was and how powerful a menace he would be. But our friends and other audience members scratched their heads wondering why and what the Great Grape Ape or Barney the Dinosaur was doing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And here we are.

Less than one week, several records and $625 million dollars later, the culmination of ten years of nineteen movies has finally come with its biggest and possibly best movie to date – Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity Wars.

Many have seen it, and many have not. The problem: many who have would love to talk about it. But the have-nots don’t want it spoiled. So I have opened up a sanctuary for those who have – right here. Here fellow comic-book geeks, who over one weekend have become Professors of Modern-Day Mythology, fans of the MCU and anyone who has seen the Infinity Wars can come into the comments section and chat, ask questions, theorize, share memes and funny pics or just plan have a love-in. Here is your Fortress of Spoilitude, my children.

My only request – we are not here to spread hate or negativity – I’ve been on YouTube comments where the thread under a Tom and Jerry cartoon can go from chatting about a cartoon cat and mouse to the politics, Hate Groups and Illegal Immigration.

So with that said, I give you the key with these two words:



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